Payment of commodities and services is carried out, on a concordance, in the dollars of the USA, Euro, Russian roubles, Ukrainian grivna - any, by a comfortable for you method.

We accept payment by next ways:

 1. Transfer on system Western Union


  Transfer of funds to any of the accessible systems of translations. (Western Union, Contact, Privat Money, ..). Payment acts to us right after you will report the tracking number of translation and system on which you translated a money.

2. Payment into our bank account 


  You do a translation on our bank account, utillizing essential elements which we will give you. Payment acts to us in a flow 1-7 days.


3.Payment by WebMoney


 ...In working out...


Attention!  All of commissions and expenses on accomplishing of payment and transfer of costs - a customer pays.


If you had questions, please contact with us

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